How do the consultations work?

DSC_1129At your consultation you will learn the principles of colour analysis, with an explanation and demonstration of the process and effects that colour has on your skin.

I will analyse your skin tone using a number of precision dyed drapes to determine your dominant, secondary and tertiary colouring. Here you will see the effects that both the right and the wrong colours have on you.

From this, I will then assess and reveal the colours that suit you best and, more specifically, how you can wear and combine them most effectively when creating your look.

A light make-up will be applied within your palette range to complete the look.

Before you leave we discuss next steps and how you can build this new learning into your wardrobe and your lifestyle.

How do I prepare for a consultation?

Once you have decided to complete a colour consultation I would advise that you steer clear of buying any more clothes and make-up, especially important purchases, before you have benefited from the service.

In the week leading upto your consultation it is best to avoid tanning products as this could alter and disguise your true skin tone. It is for this reason that the analysis is also completed without make-up in the first instance for I am reading and assessing your natural skin tone and therefore this needs to be unaltered.

What comes next?

Immediately following your consultation I advise you to complete a wardrobe audit where you will organise and make decisions about what you will keep and how you will wear and combine them. If this is something you would like practical help with I am available to offer a wardrobe audit service to help you with this.

Here, you can then make decisions about ‘gaps’ in your wardrobe and what purchases you feel you need more imminently than others.

As tempting as it is to go on a shopping splurge straight afterwards, I advise you to firstly try to hold back and ‘tune into’ your colours, perhaps buying accessories, scarves, the occasional top, items that predominantly you will wear against your face and thus have the greatest impact. This will help you to avoid impulse purchases; just because the colour works for you doesn’t mean that the style does. This is where the style consultations come in useful afterwards which will help to bring everything together.

Personal shopping trips can be arranged for individuals and groups who may want some help with these purchases.

Transforming your wardrobe is something that you will achieve over time and as your consultant I am on hand to help you with this process.


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