Is colour analysis for me?

What is colour analysis?

Colour analysis is a way of determining which colours best suit your skin tone, it helps you to understand why this is and how you can wear colours that complement your colouring making you appear brighter, healthier, vibrant, slimmer and often younger.

There is a great blog on the process here.

Who benefits from the services?

Not many people want to spend money on clothes that don’t suit them or do them justice but many of us do just that. Wearing clothes isn’t a choice, but what we buy is. Having the knowledge and understanding of what really suits us helps everyone to make the best of what they are buying and wearing.

You might be in a bit of a rut with your image and want to experiment with colour but don’t know where to start. You might notice that some of the colours and shades you wear are much better than others, but don’t know enough shades and colours to transform your whole wardrobe. You might hate shopping, avoiding it at all costs, instead wearing the same clothes over and over. You could well have a wardrobe full of clothes that you don’t wear. These are all but a few of the signs that this type of service will definitely be for you. It will help you to understand not just what suits you but what doesn’t; it will shape and inform your shopping, making it easier, quicker and cheaper in the long run. It will help you to put outfits together that suit you and enhance your colouring making you look and feel fantastic.

This service, however, can even enrich those lucky few who have a much more intuitive understanding of what looks good on them, helping them to look sensational all the time and enhancing their look even more. It will help them to refine their wardrobe further and add key pieces and colours that add richness, quality and that all important wow factor.

Whether we like it or not, appearances go a long way to representing us and who we are. Whether this be day to day, in a workplace and business environment or for special occasions, the positive effects of colour analysis will help you to feel confident, look your best and it is noticeable for all to see.


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