Will this mean I can no longer wear black?

No, not necessarily. Black could be one of your colours. But, if it isn’t there’re really no need to worry. Your consultation will reveal your black alternatives, for some people these are shades of brown, navy, greens or greys and these form the basis with which you then can add and build your look with shades that are complementay. Even if black is your colour many people find that it is still not advised that they go head to toe in black; such a harsh and dark block of colour can in many cases add bulk or look too severe and this is where your other colours come in.

Upon learning (and seeing for themselves) that they don’t suit black many people sensibly choose to keep black in their wardrobe, at least at first, but avoid wearing it against their faces, keeping it below waist, eventually replacing it with their better alternatives. Whilst it’s true that black does look fine against nearly all colours you will see at your consultation how your black replacements look much much better with the other colours from your palette, giving your whole look the wow factor that the black just wouldn’t do. When colours from your palette are combined together they not only work with your skin, but with each other, reflecting beautifully against one another. This gives your look an expensive feel as well, even if it’s “only Primark” you’re wearing!

Once you have embraced your colours and see and feel the effects of wearing them you’ll probably find that the black you kept at first ends up gathering dust in your wardrobe and you will wonder why you ever worried that you would be advised against wearing black.

Building your wardrobe after a consultation takes time so keeping black clothes, at first, isn’t such a bad idea.


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