Will this mean I have to throw all my clothes out and start again?

Not at all! Most people find that many of their most loved items suit them in some way, intuitively they have picked things that are in some way flattering. So, although there might be a lot you want to discard there will be items that work great for you and will form the basis of your new wardrobe going forward.

At first it can seem despairing when you look at the pile of clothes that aren’t your colour, but, I will help you when making decisions about how you will begin the wardrobe transformation using simple tips and pointers such as:

  • If it’s below waist and you don’t yet have an alternative keep – for now.
  • If you haven’t worn it in the last year, will you realistically wear it now you know it’s not your best colour?
  • Will you miss it?

Once you approach the task logically it is a liberating process; you clear out the clutter, leaving you enough to wear for now, but with room and a plan for future buying.

What you will end up with is a more capsule and versatile wardrobe that is tailored to suit you, spending less and achieving value for money from your existing and future purchases.

Doing this process with friends is a great way to help support and advise each other as you transform your wardrobe and look. And, who knows, you may be able to swap clothes, accessories and items for ones that suit you…


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