Kettlewell Clothing Range



‘Kettlewell is about two things: colour and simplicity. “We want to be able to provide clothes in a range of inspiring and amazing colours in a way that is easy to access and understand for all our customers, whether or not they have had a personal colour analysis. We provide wardrobe building blocks in a huge range of colours and shapes, and aim for our clothes to be an essential part of every woman’s wardrobe”.

Kettlewell was founded over a decade ago by Melissa and John after Melissa had a colour analysis in the depths of winter and was informed that she would struggle to buy clothes in her season until springtime. Realising that she couldn’t be alone in her frustration at not being able to access a good range of her best colours all of the time, Melissa and John abandoned a life in London and moved out to the West Country with their two small children (now three much larger children) and Kettlewell Colours was founded.’

Order your Kettlewell clothes through me and receive:

  • FREE P&P (if you order directly through Kettlewell you will be charged £2.95).
  • 5% off the cost of your order -this includes both full price items and sale items.
  • Exactly the same terms and conditions that you would receive from buying from Kettlewell directly.
  • FREE returns on all UK orders.

How to order in 3 easy steps…

1. Browse Kettlewell’s latest catalogue or visit their website.

2. Send me your order via email, text, telephone or complete my order form. (Remember to include the item, colour and size you require as well as your preferred delivery address.)

3. Arrange payment. Once I have received your order I will send you an invoice and payment instructions, you can pay via PayPal/bank transfer.


Kettlewell Order Form


You will be invoiced with the total amount after the discounts have been applied. You can pay via PayPal or by direct bank transfer for your items.



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