Additional Services

Personal Shopping

  • Whether it be shopping for a particular outfit for a special occasion or shopping to build a bespoke wardrobe that works for you, I can accompany you to help you with what to buy and what not to buy…

£40 p/hour.*

*NB this is price per hour, not per person; this experience can be shared with others.

Wardrobe styling

  • If you need help organising your wardrobe and making it work for you I can help you to:
  • Identify items that work for you and those that don’t
  • Create varied looks from the clothes and accessories you have.
  • Identify your wardrobe gaps to consider what purchases you could benefit from.

£40 p/hour.

Bridal Image Consultation

Your Bridal Image Consultation includes:

  • An in-depth colour analysis, with special focus on the right shades for your wedding day
  • Finding the perfect dress to suit your colouring, shape, style personality and type of wedding
  • Suggestions for veils, tiaras, headdresses and jewellery to suit your scale and proportions
  • Recommended hairstyles to suit your face shape
  • A full make-up application in the colours that suit you best

£150 per person




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