My transformation…

Before I embarked on my personal colour and style journey I didn’t see myself as someone who ‘needed’ a colour, make-up or style consultation. I don’t have many memories of ever thinking I looked especially bad in many of the clothes I was wearing, but, I do remember spending an awful lot of money (and time) tanning and applying bronzer because I looked pale. Back then I used to often look and feel pale; instead of attributing this to the colours I was wearing, I considered that it was my skin, not my clothes, that was the problem. I am pale skinned, no colours I wear will make me look tanned, but, the right colours make me look warm and healthy, whereas, the wrong colours made me look pale, drained of colour and often, tired; the clothes (and make-up) that I was wearing had that effect on me.

Looking back at the pre-consultation photographs is cringe-worthy. Now that I am used to seeing myself in the right colours and make-up I cannot fathom why I ever bought, wore and, at the time, thought I looked OK (even good) in these clothes!

All these pictures are taken from my iPhone: unstaged and with no fancy effects or trickery pokery.

This was me then, and now…

Many people think black suits everyone and that black is slimming, I was one of those people. Now, I can see how black is so harsh and severe on me. I need warmth from the clothes I wear. On the right I’m in a much softer olive which reflects much brighter against my skin, warming rather than draining me.





Having blue eyes I often felt like I suited blue because it made my eyes look bluer… I also subscribed to the myth that red doesn’t suit red-heads. I must have been ignoring the effect that this particular shade of blue has on my skin, however, as I have become ghost-white wearing this shade. Blissfully ignorant before, after, I am wearing a much more warming shade of red – contrary to my previous beliefs.




Another dreadful shade of blue on me. I showed this picture to a friend recently and she gasped “why did you ever wear that”? After, in my greens and oranges – much healthier looking…






I mentioned earlier my affinity to fake tan. On the left, believe it or not, I was wearing rather a lot of fake tan and make-up. I used to do this a lot; I would try to make my skin match my clothes. I must have, therefore, been at least a little bit aware that they didn’t suit me, but, without knowing enough of what colours did suit me, I pursued with this method – even though, as you can see, it wasn’t exactly successful. It definitely didn’t help that I was using the wrong shades of make up too. Here I was wearing a smoky eye with lilac and grey shades which is a definite no for my colouring. On the right I’m in just a scrap of make-up and no fake tan at all.

The knowledge and understanding that I now have of colour from my own consultation has totally transformed my look, my dressing and shopping habits and given me confidence in how I am presenting myself.

Being able to share this with others through my consulting services is such a rewarding role for me; I look forward to helping clients to find their colours and realise how fabulous they can feel and look everyday from wearing them.






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