**Wonderful listener! Helps build confidence. I was nervous before the consultation because I do not wear make-up at all and do not consider my wardrobe beyond the fit. Maria listened to this and was encouraging throughout. After finding out my dominant colouring it was time for make-up. Maria was professional and friendly and what’s more she listened to my reservations. She was gentle and natural when applying the make-up. What a difference the right make-up makes! After this the colours seemed to pop and I could really see what she was saying. After being told my overall colour palette choice, my mind was racing with ideas…she helped with this too. We went through my whole colour palette and discussed options for clothes and indeed accessories. Once again, she listened; she paid attention to my reservations about colour combinations and offered alternatives. It was really great to do this with friends too because we all had great ideas.

If you are even a little bit curious about your colours, go for it. Maria is professional, charming, encouraging and knowledgeable. Thanks!

Sam Cassells


Lindsay Gresswell 5 star

I had visited a colour consultant many years ago and was designated an “Autumn”. However I am so glad I decided to go and have a refresher as things have changed! The day was so informative and enjoyable and Maria definitely put us at our ease, gently guiding us all through skin tone, make-up and finally our individual colour palettes. Watching her at work was so interesting and we soon got to see how certain colours drain the complexion and others enhance and ‘pop’. I left with a wallet of samples of my clear, warm and deep colours and a make-up chart with suggested colours to suit my complexion. Incidentally, the make-up Maria applied was minimal but so lovely and a classic example of how ‘less can be more’. I have re-organised my clothing and it has awakened my interest in colour completely. In the few weeks since I have been more aware, I have had several compliments about my eye colour, new eye shadow and even that I had lost weight! (I haven’t lost weight or changed my eye shadow but suddenly folk have thought so!) Lastly, if you are hesitant about having a colour consultation or dubious about the cost or benefit, DON’T BE! Book in with Maria. It will change how you think about colour and give you confidence to show off the real you. Thanks Maria!
Natalie Astbury

Elaine Robinson 5 star

I visited Maria for a colour consultation and found the session to be relaxed, informative and unbelievably useful. I’m not a typical ‘girly’ girl, nor do I deal well with being told what to do but Maria’s approach was really relaxed and she tailored the session to my needs. I was concerned I was going to end up spending a fortune on a new wardrobe so was pleasantly surprised to discover that Maria not only advised me not to immediately replace my existing clothes, she encouraged me to work with what I already had. She offered suggestions for accessories, layering and how to put an outfit together to make the most out of what I already owned.

Maria listened to what my preferences were and worked in how I could continue to wear my favourite colours. She also offered advice on which colours would be more suitable to specific occasions and events and how to put them together and have some fun with them. I know that in the future as I buy new clothes I will undoubtedly spend less overall (my husband will be pleased) but the items I buy will suit me, work well together and make my life a lot less hassle.

I would also recommend having the makeup session included in the consultation as it made such a difference to see the effect the colours had on you without makeup and then to be shown the best of the bunch with it on. The whole session felt complete and useful and I look forward to my future, low maintenance, value for money wardrobe!



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