My wedding…

Moyles 0418For my wedding in 2013 I took make-up classes and completed a personalised consultation which helped me to choose the products and be confident with the application techniques. I wanted a natural feel to my make-up with emphasis on my eyes.

My pursuit of the natural made-up look meant that I needed to find the perfect shades for my colouring. I discovered that I was a warm base which meant that greys, silvers, whites, blacks and fuschia/pastel pinks that I had previously used on my eyes and cheeks gave me a falsely made-up look; these cool tones clashed with my natural colouring and gave the effect of falsely sitting on top of my face, rather than blending with my face and features.

Instead, I moved towards warm, rich browns (think Autumn leaves), creams and golds for my eyes and peachy shades for my cheeks and lips. I used a chocolate brown eye-liner, brown mascara and a yellow based finishing powder. These tones worked with my natural colouring, the key to achieving the natural, but still made-up, look!

Laura from Beautiful of Oldham did my individual lashes two days before the wedding, she gave me a light spray tan and natural nails which was the perfect basis with which I could then apply my own make-up for the day.

Make-up trial without lash extensions…

Practising the highlighting to sculpt and contour my facial features.
Practising highlighting to sculpt and contour my facial features.





Eyeshadow application.
Eyeshadow application.









On the day…


Leisurely getting ready.
Leisurely getting ready.
Doing my Mum's make-up!
Doing my Mum’s make-up!

I was married in 2013 at Broadoaks Country House in the Lake District, photographing our special day was Lauren Hewby who is based in Dumfries, Scotland.

Whether, like me, you’re planning on doing your own make-up or are making use of a make-up artist, knowing your dominant colouring will help you to achieve the look that will best complement your natural colouring. Working with, rather than against, your natural colouring is the key to achieving the perfect made-up look for your special day.

I’d love to help you with your special occasion, please contact me to discuss your ideas.

Maria x


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